Android Users May Soon Get ‘Tab Declutter’. Know What It Is


Google Chrome is gearing up to introduce a new feature aimed at helping Android users better manage their browsing experience and declutter their tab bar. Recent updates in the Chromium codebase suggest that Google is working on a feature that will automatically organize and handle inactive tabs.

As reported by 9to5Google, the upcoming feature, tentatively named “Android Tab Declutter,” is designed to assist users in controlling their browsing habits by automatically archiving and removing inactive tabs. While the precise workings of the feature are yet to be fully revealed, it appears that it will target tabs that have been inactive for a significant period, streamlining the browsing interface and reducing the need for manual tab management.

Presently, Chrome offers a feature that allows users to archive and later resume tabs, enabling them to temporarily suspend inactive tabs. However, the upcoming “Tab Declutter” feature will take this functionality a step further by automating the process of identifying and handling inactive tabs, thereby simplifying the browsing experience and minimizing the manual effort required to manage multiple open tabs.

What Will The Feature Offer

  • Automatic Archiving/Deletion: Chrome is set to identify tabs that have remained inactive for a period and will automatically archive or remove them.
  • Resurrecting the Past: Users will probably have the choice to revisit and recover these tabs later, similar to the current tab pause/resume feature.

Regarding availability, although the feature isn’t accessible for testing yet, there’s speculation about its potential launch with Chrome 125, expected around May 2024. However, development timelines are subject to change, so this timeframe remains tentative.

It’s worth highlighting that this Android feature aligns with Google’s recent efforts on desktop platforms. Chrome M121 introduced an AI-powered tool for “tab organization” that automatically groups similar tabs, aiding users in managing their browsing sessions more efficiently.

Meanwhile, Google is also enhancing history management on Android Chrome. A new floating shortcut menu, currently in beta testing, offers detailed control and filters for precise history cleanup. Additionally, Google is working on innovative ways to give users more control over their browsing data. Recent beta versions of Chrome suggest the introduction of new tools for clearing browsing history, providing users with increased flexibility in managing their online footprint.

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