Apple Forced to Make Switching to Android Easier by EU


Apple vs the EU

This is not the first tussle between the big tech firm and the European Union, as Apple has been forced to make a lot of changes to its ecosystem of devices to avoid rulings and fines from the governmental alliance.

One of the more publicized battles saw Apple being forced to add USB-C charging ports to its devices to create a standardized charging experience for all devices around the world. The Lightning cable was the last holdout in the charging world, and Apple really had to be pressed to make it happen.

That’s not the only change Apple has made under EU pressure. The company recently announced that it would finally ditch SMS messaging between iPhone and Android devices to establish the better RCS standard for all devices. This will provide a better, more secure experience for all smartphones users, allowing for basic messaging features and encryption.

Suffice to say, the iPhone’s days of staying closed on Apple Island may be numbered, as the EU is more than happy to impose its will on a company that refuses to walk with all of us into the future.

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