Hopeless Page-Turning Robot Belongs in Acme Catalog


Book Time, a page turning robot, is in practice a wonderfully useless piece of whimsy. The video shows the poor machine struggling to get a grip and flip a page. It’s funny when seen once or twice, but imagine using this and seeing the same hydraulic hesitation at every turn — the very definition of frustration.

This is sad. A look at a still photograph of the device shows the activation control — a tube into which you blow. Imagine being unable to turn pages by hand and using this instead. A boon, sure, but the anxiety accompanies every blow, hoping that the robo-arms won’t jump their rails and just fold a page, would be excruciating. Plus, you need somebody with hands to load the thing every time you need to change books. Far better would be a voice operated e-book reader.


I could, of course, think of a better use for a hands-free page turning machine, but sadly these days the kind of magazine I would put in there is no longer to be found for free in roadside hedgerows. Everything, it seems, is now available on the internet.

Product page [Robot Watch/Impress via New Launches]

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