iPhone 16: Everything We Know


Apple tested several designs for the standard iPhone 16 models, but ultimately decided on a vertically aligned camera system with a pill-shaped camera bump. Prior iPhones have used a square-shaped camera bump to accommodate the diagonal lenses, but Apple is able to slim down the camera bump with the new lens arrangement.

iPhone 16 Camera Lozenge 2iPhone 16 Camera Lozenge 2

The pill-shaped bump houses the separate Wide and Ultrawide lenses. The microphone will be next to the lenses, while the camera flash will be located on the back of the device outside of the bump.

On the left side of the iPhone, Apple plans to replace the mute switch with the Action button, and the iPhone 16 models will adopt the same button that was introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro models. The volume buttons will be located below the Action button.

iPhone 16 Camera Lozenge 2 PerspectiveiPhone 16 Camera Lozenge 2 Perspective

The right side of the device will feature a new Capture Button, which will be located where the mmWave antenna has been on previous iPhone models in the US It is located in a spot that will make it easy to press when the iPhone is in a landscape orientation. Apple plans to move the mmWave antenna to the bottom left side of the iPhone 16.

Aside from the new vertical lens arrangement and the Capture Button, the iPhone 16 models will have the same general design as the iPhone 15 models with no notable changes to body shape or size.

Dummy Models and Cases

Dummy models that are meant to represent the iPhone 16 lineup provide a look at the rumored design of the devices. The iPhone 16 Pro dummies are slightly larger than their iPhone 15 Pro counterparts, and the new “Capture Button” is located on the right side. The button is almost flush to the iPhone 16 chassis, but it is expected to be a mechanical button.

iphone 16 pro v iphone 15 proiphone 16 pro v iphone 15 pro

The iPhone 16 dummy model features the rumored redesigned vertical camera setup, with Apple doing away with the diagonal lens.

iphone 16 action buttonsiphone 16 action buttons

Dummy models are typically based on information that leaks out of Apple’s factories and the supply chain, and they’re often accurate. The dummy models are used by casemakers to be the first to market with accessories for new iPhone models, which is a big business due to the money involved.

Cases for the standard iPhone 16 models have a vertical cutout for the camera, which is meant to accommodate the redesigned vertical camera layout.

iphone 16 case sonny dickson 1iphone 16 case sonny dickson 1

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