‘Lato-lato’ toys can be used to reduce gadget addiction: Expert


This is a chance to build social interaction among Generation Z.

Bandung, West Java (ANTARA) – Lato-lato toys or click-clack balls that are currently popular among children can provide a chance for parents to reduce children’s addiction to gadgets, a sociology expert at Padjadjaran University Dr. Hery Wibowo has said.

“This is a chance to build social interaction among Generation Z, which is often called the ‘alien generation’ because they prefer to be alone and the lying around (lazy) generation,” Wibowo observed here on Monday.

By playing lato-lato with their friends, children can develop social interactions with each other and avoid the negative effects of spending too much time on gadgets.

Additionally, lato-lato can foster a good mindset in children on the relationship between process and success, he explained. By patiently learning to play lato-lato, children can learn that it takes a long process to achieve success.

“With the emphasis that process is important, there is no instant success, and practicing will bring results,” he said.

According to him, children can try to show off their skills in front of their friends with lato-latowhich can be a positive way to build self-confidence.

Meanwhile, parents can praise children who show off theirs lato-lato skills.

“It can be quality time between children and parents, as well as a tool for understanding positive values ​​and a way for parents to praise the child’s strengths so that they feel more valuable. This is important for their growth and development,” he explained.

Even so, lato-lato can have a negative impact if children and parents fail to manage playtime and it can cause low self-esteem if not played the right way, he said.

“It requires full focus and concentration in playing (lato-lato) to not endanger the players and friends around,” Wibowo added.

Due to its popularity, lato-lato has become a toy for both children and adults. Recently, it has brought economic benefits to toy sellers.

Yusuf, a seller from Pandeglang, Banten, said that he is managing to sell 30 pieces of lato-lato daily, each priced at Rp. 10 thousand–Rp. 15 thousand.

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