Long Before There Were Smartphones, These Were Cool 90s Gadgets, Which One Have You Ever Had?


SRIPOKU.COM– Nowadays, getting a smartphone is very easy, and there are many and varied types.

For children, special smartphones have also been provided for playing games.

There are many types of games and they are really liked by children.

Not only children, adults also no longer need to gather with their friends to drink coffee together while playing chess, gaple or billiards.

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Just sit comfortably at home holding your gadget and download the game you like.

Because now all forms of games are provided on smartphones, and we just have to choose which game we like.

But, before so many smartphones appeared that contained various games, even though they weren’t as sophisticated as they are now, in the 90s there were also gadgets, you know!

Gadgets in the 90s were also very popular with children and adults at that time.

Here are some of the ‘gadgets’ that were considered the coolest at the time:

1. Pagers


Call radio or better known as Pager is a personal communication tool that functions to receive short messages.

The short message must be sent via the operator first.

2. Tamagochi


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