Report: McCartney Signs Apple Deal — Is the Beatles Catalog Finally Coming To iTunes?



Paul McCartney has reportedly agreed to a $400 million deal with Apple for the distribution of the complete Beatles catalog on iTunes. According to reports in the last few weeks, McCartney was the last Beatle holding out on the deal, after Ringo Starr and the families of George Harrison and John Lennon had already agreed to it.

The question then becomes, will Apple finally come up with the long-rumored iPod Submarine? Our own Charlie Sorrel previously noted that the Yellow pod rumor was a hoax, but U2 reportedly made a lot of extra money off the U2 black and red Special Edition iPod.

Even if it’s not about the money (even though it is), Paul and Ringo probably want to make a splash and have bragging rights over Bono, especially when they get together for a drink and Bono goes off about his latest VC deal. My (pretty obvious) hunch is that if there is a Yellow Beatles iPod, it’ll be included in the $400 million deal but with a clause to make them even more money if it proves tremendously popular. Clearly, all you need is love and love is money. That’s a song, I hear.

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